The team that bought you the infamous NoBarriers event for 4 years, decided in 2016 that it would be the last chapter in our NB events. At the end of 2017 which had seen no land events in the country we decided that we would put the band back together and create something new, and Beach Vibes was born which has now been going for it’s 3rd year

Beach Vibes is run by members of Carmarthenshire Land Sailing Club (CLSC) for the land sailing communities be that Kite Buggies, Land Boarding, BloKarts, X-Sails or Mini Land Yachts, you are ALL welcome to come and enjoy this event running on July 18th – 19th 2020 with camping on the 17th. Beach Vibes name is bit of going back to basics, a time to get together and just enjoy the vibe of the beach,  so come along and join us on the 6 miles of hard sand.

Ticket costs are :Non CLSC Member – £45, CLSC Member – £35, Non Flyer – £25, Under 16 (by 17th July) – Free, 12 months CLSC Membership with Ticket – £75, Friday flying ticket (limited) – £10


  • A fully insured kiting event at Pembrey Beach, one of the best beaches in the UK
  • Camping fees for the nights of Friday 17th July & Saturday 18th July at Pembrey Country Park
  • The chance to demo kites from most of the top manufacturers
  • To fly/sail with everyone that has that general interest ….wind




Q- How much are the tickets?
A- Under 16 – FREE
Over 16 – £45
Non Fliers  – £25
CLSC Members – £35

Q- Where can I buy the tickets?
A- Click the TICKETS button 

Q- How many tickets are available?
A- We can have 175 pilots, this rule is set by the council and something we have to abide by, but we don’t have a limit on non fliers 

Q- Do we have to pay an entrance into the park?
A-  During the ticketing process, you will be asked for your number plate details, this must be the vehicle you are bringing to Vibes as the park now uses number plate recognition. If you do not arrive in the vehicle you have put down on your ticketing information you will incur a charge on exiting the park. You are responsible for the correct information

Q- Do you sell day tickets?
A- No we are not selling day tickets for this event, we expect to sell out all weekend tickets before the weekend and only those who have bought a ticket and have a wristband will be able to sail on the beach. However a certain number of Friday tickets are available as a day member, as Friday sailing is not part of the event

Q- Are there showers?
A- Due to the lack of power and water supply there are no showers on the Beach Vibes site. 

Q- Can I camp the Friday night?
A- Yes Friday night is part of your ticket price. 

Q- Can I camp past the event?
A- The event closes on Sunday and you will have to move to the main camp site 

Q- I don’t live in the UK can I still come?
A- Yes you most certainly can. Your ticket is the same as others and are insured whilst at the event

Q- I don’t live in the UK and want to sail longer past the event can I do that?
A- Yes you will have to purchase a 12 month CLSC membership with your Beach Vibes ticket and you will have 12 months of insurance and be able to fly/sail after or before the event all rules set by CLSC must be abided by

Q- Can I fly on Friday?
A- Friday is not part of the Beach Vibes event and you will need to be a CLSC member to fly. However you can take a day pass and be signed in for £10 if you wish to use the beach (limited numbers)

Q-Can I bring my camper van/ caravan / van to sleep in instead of a tent?
A- Yes you can, the ground is firm enough and there are toilet emptying facilities at the campsite for caravan users. The ticket price is the same for caravans etc as for tents.

Q- Can I bring my partner or friend along with me for the weekend, they won’t be flying?
A- Yes you can but they will need to pay for a ticket as the park will charge us for camping and they will be using the facilities we provide. Non flyer tickets are on the tickets page

Q- Do I need to have insurance?
A- Insurance for flying at Pembrey is included in the ticket price, so you do not need anything else. 

Q- Can I bring my dog along?
A- Yes you can. You must clean up after it and keep it under control at all times. You will have to use a different access point to get onto the beach and abide by the dog walking rules for the beach which are clearly displayed at the park. 

Q- Are there places to eat at the campsite/ will there be food stands?
A- There will not be any food stands at the event. There is a shop just before you access the beach where you can get cold/ hot drinks and snacks and the main restaurant within the camping park on the other side is now open. 

Q- Can I walk to the beach from the campsite?
A- Yes you can, it’s not very far to walk and it is on a tarmac road so it’s not too much hard work! You can also drive round to the access point of the beach; there is a car park you can use. 

Q- Is there anything else that my non sailing partner/ children can do whilst I sail?
A- Yes there are a few things at the park including, a dry ski slope, bike hire, horse riding and there are some nice walks around too. 

Q- Do I have to wear a helmet?
A- Yes you do, no helmet no sail! 

Q- What time is registration on the Saturday morning?
A- Registration is from 8am, you will need your confirmation form to exchange for a wristband. No form- no sail! Safety briefing is at 9:30am approx

Q- Is there any no wind/ bad weather entertainment?
A- We cannot control the weather although we will be hoping for onshore winds and sunshine! We have not made any no wind plans for this event, we needed to keep the ticket price down so we suggest you bring along you own entertainment just in case!

Q- Any refunds
A- We cannot offer any refunds as all bills have to be paid, you may transfer your ticket to someone else, but please let us know the changes